Project Title

Client: Company or Name

Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Photograhpy, Website Design, Poster Design, Moblie Design 

Software: Photoshop, illustrator, After Effects, Lightroom

Honorable Mentions: Did anyone help me on this project?

Project Summary

Write summaries to give the user just enough info to determine if the rest of the case study, the body, is worth their time to read.


The mission for the project, contrary to what you may think now, is never to make something. If only, right?! The mission should be about what the client is trying to accomplish for themselves, or what the purpose for doing the project was. Instead of writing about how you were set out to create a video or design a logo here, explain how you were tasked with increasing revenue, or solving a problem. This should be no more than a paragraph.



The outcome of the project would be what you did or made in an effort to achieve the mission (above). For example, in order to increase brand loyalty, an outcome may be a brand refresh. If you’re part of a team, explain what the team did here. Your role in the project should fall under the Services section. You can brag here, but again, keep this as short as possible.



The most important section. The impact explains how your work changed something for the hero of the story. Did you help the client’s business? Decrease ounce rates? Solve a users problem? Explain what the ROI was: the return on investment. This may be better served as a bulleted list or an infographic. If you’re doing personal projects, find a way to express potential impact. Interview someone! Would your interviewees use the product? Appreciate the design?


PRESS & Awards

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