2019 Personal Branding


Date: 02.08.2018

Services: Branding, Brand Research, Graphic Design, Print Design, Website Design, Website Development

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Squarespace

Sign_MockUp 5.png

Self Identity.

When it was time for me to create a new identity for myself, I took a step back and asked myself: “how can I express myself in a way that is memorable?”

I took a while researching new trends of design and current designer brand identity. Once I had a decent idea of what I wanted to create, I started sketching up my ideas, however, I actually made my logo as an error. I was vectoring my sketches when I accidentally flipped the shape I was creating. Before I could fix the mistake, I looked at the image I created. Soon after, I fixed the spacing, curved some lines, and before I knew it I had a new logo.

With this, I created many new brand elements to join my new logo. These are showcased below.


Creating a new logo is just a small part of the design process. I needed a fresh typeface and bold colors to complete the rest of the identity.

The QuickSand typeface was chosen for my brand because of the many weights this type holds. It works well as a typeface for the logo and brand assists while also keeping a name for itself.



When it came time to build a website. I knew I wanted something that focused on showcasing my work. This new site needed to stand out across many platforms and devices.




When it came time for development, I knew Squarespace was going to be the perfect place to host my new site. Learning the back hand to Squarespace was difficult at times but their great “how-to” videos and community forums really helped me through the development process.