G Fuel Product Photography


Client: Gamma Labs

Services: Photography, Art Direction

Software: Lightroom, Photoshop


Energy, focus, endurance, and hydration- these are all things G Fuel helps to promote with their product line of sugar free energy formula. G Fuel is a fairly new company that has already proven itself in the mix-to-drink energy with thousands in sales each year.

I wanted to capture the product in a different way rather than just holing the product up and taking a few simple pictures of it. The water rushing down the sides of the tubs was to create the sense of "hydration" as mentioned earlier. The main focus of these pieces is to show off the product in a cool way while still promoting what G Fuel could offer. 

I think these product shots came out great! The details of the water drops and the water running down the tub look awesome. 

Pictures shot with a 35mm lens.