Young Democrats Visual Identity

Client: Sanderson High School

Services: Branding, Graphic Design, Poster Design, Media Design 

Software: Photoshop, illustrator


Project Summary

In the midst of raging political opinions, there needs to be a voice that can tell the facts while also helping the community by providing a happy, healthy, learning experience. I was tasked with creating a bold new identity to show off not only the group but also their beliefs. The result is a minimalist logo with similar materials for them to use and show off. 


The Young Democrats knew what they wanted to do, however, they just didn’t know how to present themselves. Their new brand needed to be unique, different, and outgoing. But it also needed to welcome everyone no matter what their political opinions are. The brand image was only the start. The club needed outreach, students didn’t know who they were or what they stood for. If you just read the name, you would assume it was a “democratic club” only. This needed to change.  

Business Cards MockUp 3.png
Early Logo Concepts

Early Logo Concepts



I started by helping them come up with a process and assets to promote on different social media platforms. Next, I worked to help develop their in-school posters, flyers and other print material for them to hand out. These items resulted in a well-developed, well-recognized brand not only in the school but on social media as well.


The blue and red hues used throughout the brand is to represent the two major political parties coming together to collaborate and work out their differences. You’ll notice that the colors seem to go back and forth on how much space they take up. This is intentional, although one party may have a solid point over view in the beginning, that point can always be up for discussion. The red, blue and white also represent the American flag and the American government system.

Color and typography used throughout the brand.

Color and typography used throughout the brand.



With everything complete, the Young Democrats saw an increase in club participation and social media activity. The club also became recognizable by its unique brand icon which allowed students to remember that the club isn’t just for democrats, it’s for anyone who wants to be involved in political action and have a voice among their peers about the different political opinions each person holds.



Featured in: The Sanderson Sandscript

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